Entry Fees for SWMT SCCA Events
Bozeman events: $35
Helena events: $50 (one day) / $80 (two days)

We offer a $5 per day discount for pre-registering online at  Preregistration saves us time on the day of the event and helps the event run more smoothly.


The SCCA requires all participants to be SCCA members.  You can purchase a weekend membership the day of the event for $15, or a full year membership for $70 at  The cost of a weekend membership can be applied to a full year membership if you decide to join after your first event.

We usually hold a drivers meeting at 9:00am, and start running shortly after.  All drivers MUST attend the meeting in order to participate.  Please try to arrive at the event by 8:00am to ensure you have time for registration, getting your car ready, and walking the course before the meeting.

Virtually any car is eligible for autocross, provided it is in generally good condition.  A brief tech inspection will be performed, checking for things like loose wheels bearings etc.  The number one cause of tech failures is not having the battery properly tied down, please double check that before the event.

The SCCA classes all cars based on what the car is, and what modifications have been done.  The SCCA Rulebook contains all of the classing information.  Feel free to ask someone at an event or ask on our forum if you need some help classing your car.